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Intelligence for CCTV

Highly reliable surveillance tools

It is a complete solution for camera management, automation and access control. It offers full compatibility with large variety of IP cameras and video servers.

It is available in 13 languages. The software has a friendly graphical interface that allows you to control monitoring cameras.

Intelligence for business

Marketing intelligence on your guest-WiFi network

It allows you to manage the access to your guest-WiFi network while capturing, segmenting, analyzing and presenting real-time analytics of your costumers.

To make use of your WiFi, your costumers identify themselves with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or by using their personal information. With this registration we offer a range of marketing tools and possibilities.

Business Mobility

We are the leaders in managing all the aspects of business mobility: physical asset tracking, application and content management, as well as keeping devices and data safe.

Proven leader for the management of rugged and especial purpose devices used in all types if industries such as: healthcare, transportation, logistics, retail services and field services

Unassisted temperature measurement.

Take a body temperature measurement in a unassisted way, without exposing the health or overloading the functions of your employees. The tool provides other functions to realize the maximum benefits of your investment, tools such as: facial recognition of recurring users, attendance control for collaborators, access opening, tracking and control of assets; among many others.

Breach Detection System.

The speed which we detect threats or malicious attacks inside our network infrastructure will ensure the health and security of your company’s network information.

We offer different packages that fit your company`s needs. Audits in which we place sBDS equipment as part of your company’s network infrastructure to analyze network traffic for a period of 7 days.

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