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Are we getting the most from our company`s CCTV (closed circuit television)?  

Having ousurveillance system on a CCTV is a great advancement in security issues. However, it will always depend on a human factor to be thinking. Which generates operational costs, human failures and unnecessary exposure, etc. 

However, if we add a artificial intelligence software to the IP surveillance cameras, we can configure the program according to our need and put it to react in the way that best suits us. 

Let use as an example the compliance of sanitary protocols which all business and companies worldwide are subject facing the state of emergency which was activated by the Covid-19. 

We currently depend on many health measures to be able to live in our new reality, among them:   


  Hands washing 

   Body temperature limits

  Use of masks

  Mandatory minimum distance.  


Companies are forced to comply 100% with these health measures or they are exposed to fines and closures. 

In order to try to guarantee those compliance, personnel is often used, however this does not guarantee that the measures is actually complied, since personnel usually supervise at the entrance, but internally, due to a human capacity issue, it becomes complicated. 

To solve this type of situations innovative technological tool are used which ones can detect in real time, and without exposing the health of our collaborators, the use of mask, body temperature, distance between people, among many others. And not only detect but perform automatic actions like:  

  • Make a sound
  • Turn on an alarm 
  • Emit a flashing light
  • Make a call 
  • Play a voice message
  • Generate notifications by email, among many other options 

Esto le garantizaría a la empresa el cumplimiento con las normas establecidas por el ente regulador pero aún más importante: Lo haría colaborar de una manera real en evitar la propagación del contagio por el Covid-19…. Esto también es conocido como Responsabilidad Social.  

This would guarantee the company’s compliance with the norms established by the regulatory entity but even more important: it would make you collaborate in a real way in avoiding the spread of the Covid-19 contagion ….. This is also known as Social Responsibility.

We exemplify with things related to Coronavirus. However, we can put the software to weigh and to react according the need we have. And we will have amazing results in an automatic, efficient and effective way.