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Business Mobility

Reduce dead times, use resources efficiently, and decrease operational loads. All this through a solution that administers and manages the mobile and IOT devices of your company or business as if you had them in your hands .

Business Intelligence

Make smart informed decisions for your business, using your existing WiFi infrastructure. Generate prospecting, retention and customer loyalty campaigns through a technological tool that streamlines and makes your ideas profitable.

Intelligence for CCTV

Monetize your current CCTV surveillance infrastructure by linking it to a solution that provides you with intelligence and in this way automates processes, detections, notifications, among others that generate actions that help you make decisions in a fast and timely manner

Automatización Temperatura Corporal

Body Temperature Automation

Lean on technological tools to perform the task of measuring body temperature at the entrances of your companies or businesses in an automatic way, without blurring your collaborators from their regular functions and without exposing them.

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Datatell Tres Mil de Costa Rica

Datatell is a 100% Costa Rican company specialized in telecommunications and technology.

With more than 20 years in the market, Datatell has focused on acquiring knowledge and being constantly updated, to meet the needs of its customers in an agile and effective way. Providing fully personalized advice and innovative technological solutions according to the business need.

Our mission:

We are a company committed to the client, dedicated to providing professional advice focused on making healthy decisions for the client’s business, reinforced with innovative technological solutions and with the support of the best brands in the world of telecommunications.

NOur vision:

To be leaders in Latin America on topics related to Telecommunications and Technological Innovation. Offering the client:

100% personalized advice

Innovative tailor-made solutions

Turnkey projects

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