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High reliability surveillance tools

Digifort is a complete solution for camera management, automation and access control. It offers full compatibility with a wide variety of IP cameras and video servers.

Digifort is available in 13 languages. The software has a friendly graphical interface that allows you to control monitoring cameras.



Marketing intelligence on your guest WiFi network

Purple allows you to manage access to your WiFi network for guests while capturing, segmenting, analyzing and presenting real-time analytics from your clients.

To make use of their WiFi, their customers identify themselves with Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn or using their personal data. With this registration Purple offers a range of tools and marketing possibilities.



Integrated IoT and Mobility Solutions

SOTI is a leader in managing all aspects of business mobility: tracking physical assets, managing applications and content, as well as maintaining secure data and devices.

SOTI is the proven leader for managing robust, special-purpose devices used in all types of industries such as: healthcare, transportation, logistics, retail services, and field services.