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Business Mobility  

Control EVERYTHING from ONE platform. 

Today´s world demands to be always connected. For this reason, new assets that work under the new concept of the Internet of Things (IOT) are emerging all the time. This solves many remote needs of the human being but also generates many others like:  

  • Technical, preventive and corrective support 
  • Displacements for problem solving. 
  • Misuse of resources 
  • Information leakage,   
  • Among many others. 

Being able to administer, control and manage everything in a remote unassisted way from the same place becomes the key to solve many of the headaches that the departments: (Technical, administrative and commercial) can currently suffer. 

There are many EMS solutions on the market, however most of them:  

  • Do not work for all operating systems at the same time 
  • Do not provide intelligence. 

  Our solution:   

1. Works on any operating system  

2. Provides intelligence to devices by helping you through a single platform to have complete control over the company`s mobile devices and IOT in a remote unassisted way



2. Aporta inteligencia a los dispositivos ayudándole a través de una sola plataforma a tener el dominio completo sobre los dispositivos móviles y IOT de la empresa de manera remota y desasistida.  

How does it do this? 

By installing an agent on the device which is wanted to manage, this makes it visible, administrable and manageable….  As if you were physically holding it in your hands.   

What could it do? 

  • Full access to the device and all its functionalities. 
  • Generate automatic behavior parameters to the device according to its location. 
  • Generate location reports and real-time location. 
  • Route management and instant notification when the established locations is reached. 
  • Technical, preventive and corrective support in a remote unassisted way. 

The possibilities of the tool are endless, let’s sit down and talk to define the needs of your company and thus put the solution to behave according to what your business requires.