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Breach Detection System. (sBDS)  

The speed which we detect threats or malicious attacks inside our network infrastructure will ensure the health and security of your company’s network information. 

How does late detection affect the company? 

  • Acting in a corrective way means acting when the virus is already inside the network. 
  • It puts the company`s information and assets at risk 
  • It requires costly antivirus signature purchase processes and resolution times. 

Having within our network infrastructure a hardware cataloged as Smart Machine guarantees to the company: 

  • Being able to act in a preventive way 
  • Anticipate possible threats due to suspicious events. 
  • Detect Zero Day threat attacks. 
  • Having a machine that learns from incidents and solutions, and then begins to generate actions in a unassisted way. 
  • Having a management software in which you can customize the dashboard to always have in view the most relevant statistics and notifications. 
  • Real-time notifications of threats, incidents and atypical behavior. 

Why are we the bests?  

1. Statistical grouping

Hillstone uses statistical clustering to detect security breaches in real time, prioritizing hosts with a high level of risk and providing contextual information about attacks. 

2. Behavior analysis

Hillstone’s sBDS uses behavior analysis to detect anomalous behavior on the network. The equipment provides visibility into every stage of an attack and gives the user multiple opportunities to stop them. 

3. Forensic analysis

It provides forensic analysis for the user to be able to determinate the cause of the attack. This allows the administrator to make policy changes in order to avoid similar situation. 

We offer different packages to suit your company's needs

Audits in which we place a sBDS equipment as part of the network infrastructure of your company, to analyze network traffic for a period of 7 days. After this time the equipment is removed from the installations and a report is made in which the behavior of the network traffic of your company is determined and corrective and preventive recommendations are generated to ensure that the network is operating in a suitable environment. 

NDR audit on request:

Periodic NDR audits:

  • Bimonthly 
  • Quarterly 
  • Semiannual 

Or, we can sell you an sBDS that is a permanent part of your network infrastructure, leaving you the same configuration and running according to your company’s needs. 

The possibilities of the tool are endless, let’s sit down and talk to define the needs of your company and thus put the solution to behave according to what your business requires.   

Contact us today.